The Bible For Kids Mission

Our goal at The Bible for Kids is to provide a platform of discovery and information for authors, platforms, musicians, games, films, and more, that seek to help instill biblical principles in kids. We desire to be a resource for churches, small groups, teachers, parents, grandparents of kids ages 0-18 to help them pass along Christian values to the kids in their lives.

We’re in the process of apply to be a non-profit ministry. This can take a year or longer so we’ve set up a Pateron account for those that would be willing to support our efforts in reaching kids with Biblical values and content. We hope to expand the website to include many helpful resources with your help.

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The Bible for Me

Bible Stories & Prayers

Help your child to understand what God’s Word means to him or her with this fully illustrated and easy-to-read collection of 50 popular Bible stories, written by best-selling Christian children’s author Amy Parker and VeggieTales® cocreator Mike Nawrocki.